Source code for stream.frontend_types

These types are not reflecting any database content but are for triggering
functionality in the frontend from within a :class`~story_graph.models.Graph`.

These types can be used within a Python :class:`~story_graph.models.ScriptCell`
as they are also available within the :class:`~stream.engine.Engine`.

The stream subscription makes it possible to yield the

from dataclasses import field
from enum import Enum
from typing import List

import strawberry
import strawberry.django

[docs]@strawberry.enum class ButtonType(Enum): """Derived from ElementPlus framework, see ``_.""" DEFAULT = "default" PRIMARY = "primary" SUCCESS = "success" WARNING = "warning" INFO = "info" DANGER = "danger"
[docs]@strawberry.enum class CallbackAction(Enum): """Allows to add a pre-defined JavaScript callback to a button or a checkbox. ACTIVATE_GPS_STREAMING Activates streaming of GPS coordinates as :class:`~stream.models.StreamVariable`. If the GPS request succeeds the dialog will be closed, if not it the user will be forwarded to an error page which describes the setup procedure for the OS. SEND_VARIABLES Send all variables of the form / dialog to the server. SEND_VARIABLE Sends a single :class:`~stream.models.StreamVariable` with the key/value of the where the callback is attached to. """ ACTIVATE_GPS_STREAMING = "activate_gps_streaming" SEND_VARIABLES = "send_variables" SEND_VARIABLE = "send_variable"
[docs]@strawberry.type class Text: """Displays plain text.""" text: str
[docs]@strawberry.type class Checkbox: """A classic ``<checkbox>`` whose state (``true``/``false``) will be saved **as a string** under ``key`` in a :class:`~stream.models.StreamVariable`. """ key: str label: str checked: bool = False callback_actions: List[CallbackAction] = field(default_factory=lambda: []) @classmethod def gps( cls, label: str = "Is it OK to access your GPS?", key: str = "gps", **kwargs ): return cls( label=label, key=key, callback_actions=[CallbackAction.ACTIVATE_GPS_STREAMING], )
[docs]@strawberry.type class Input: """A classic ``<inptut>`` which will save its content under the ``key`` as a :class:`~stream.models.StreamVariable`.""" key: str label: str = "input" placeholder: str = "Please input"
[docs]@strawberry.type class Button: """A button which can also trigger a set of functionality.""" text: str value: str key: str = "button" button_type: ButtonType = ButtonType.DEFAULT callback_actions: List[CallbackAction] = field( default_factory=lambda: [CallbackAction.SEND_VARIABLE] )
[docs] @classmethod def ok( cls, text: str = "OK", value="ok", button_type=ButtonType.PRIMARY, callback_actions: List[CallbackAction] = [ CallbackAction.SEND_VARIABLE, CallbackAction.SEND_VARIABLES, ], **kwargs ): """Constructor for a OK button which will set the StreamVariable ``button`` to ``OK``.""" return cls( text=text, value=value, button_type=button_type, callback_actions=callback_actions, **kwargs, )
[docs] @classmethod def cancel( cls, text: str = "Cancel", value="cancel", button_type=ButtonType.WARNING, callback_actions: List[CallbackAction] = [ CallbackAction.SEND_VARIABLE, ], **kwargs ): """Constructor for a cancel button which will simply close the dialog and set the :class:`~story_graph.models.StreamVariable` ``button`` to ``'cancel'``. """ return cls( text=text, value=value, callback_actions=callback_actions, button_type=button_type, **kwargs, )
# @todo use typing.union which is supported by upcoming strawberry version Content = strawberry.union("Content", [Text, Input, Checkbox])
[docs]@strawberry.type class Dialog: """Triggers a popup on the frontend of the listener.""" title: str content: List[Content] = strawberry.field() # type: ignore buttons: List[Button] @classmethod def gps(cls, title: str = "GPS"): return cls( title=title, content=[Checkbox.gps()], buttons=[], )